Monday, February 9, 2009

NYC Sewing Meet-Up

I had a ball!!! First of all , it was nice to be in the city & the weather was great! The ladies in the Meet-up group were very nice. We met at a coffee shop for some sewing/crocheting chit chat and there was a pattern & notion swap. There were a few Burda magazines & some trim (that I got from my stash).

Then it was off to the stores. Of course, I purchased some fabric. I also found Burda patterns for 2.00. What a bargain! I found a store that had applique lace by the yard. I was short on time so I only visited 2 stores but I am sure I will be going back. There are so many fabric & trim stores.

Oh, I didn't mention that my dd aka "The Princess" went with me. She was interested in fabric for her sweet sixteen celebration that is coming up this year.
I am putting the pics in the next blog (only because when I upload them the always go to the top of the blog & never were I what them to land). lol
**Hint - Hint , If someone knows how to make the pics upload under the paragraph (please help me)

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Sheila said...

I have the same problem too with my pics. So I go ahead and type in my content and click on the uploaded picture and drag it at the end of my text. Let me know if that helps.