Sunday, February 22, 2009

I can find a fabric store anywhere!

We are on vacation, went to the movies, shopped around and then......I looked across the road & what did I see JOANN'S FABRICS. My kids sighed and my hubby pulled over. Now I have been in Joann's many times but this was Joann's SUPER STORE. The cutting table had a "take a number system", so you can continue to shop while waiting for someone to cut your fabric. This way you are not just waiting in line. This store was twice or three times the size of the Joann's where I usually shop. Although I could have stayed longer, I did find a few things on sale & picked up a pattern I was trying to find.

The truth be told , I could have stayed longer. LOL

Oh, the store is Exton,PA


Aminat said...

The first time I was at Joann's I was like a kid in the candy store. I am sure you could have stayed longer....ahahahah, I can't shop as much as I would with my hubby as Good thing you found what you wanted, have fun sewing.

Elaray said...

I live about 25 miles away - I've been in that store!

When I travel, I go online and look for independent fabric stores and make it a point to find them. I even did this while my DD and I visited colleges! See what I mean

Faye Lewis said...

You've got it bad like me. Glad you enjoyed it.

Amy said...

He pulled over?! I'm so jealous, my husband would have just kept on going! I've always wanted to go into one of the JoAnn's superstores.

Sheila said...

Hi Sharon and Thanks for stopping by. I have half the pattern written and may do a crochet along.

Where are you located in Long Island.. its always nice to know a crafting friend close by.

JC said...

Thanks for your comment. A Jo-Ann's Super Store! You are blessed to be able to go to the Garment District and so many other places. They're building a new Jo-Ann's about 25 minutes from me. I'm looking forward to it.