Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My family is growing!

These two gave us a wonder-filled gift!!!

A Grandson !! 
I love being a G-MA!

Back in the saddle again!!

It's been a while....
Moving forward.....

I've managed to take care of my mom and to get back to sewing.  This pictures are of gowns that I made for a Princess Program at my Church. The program was developed to build character and self-esteem of young girls. The dresses were made from McCall 6399 which is a pattern for a top. However , I added a skirt to lengthen it to make is a gown. I added a belt , rhinestone buckle , and faux fur to the collar and cuffs.


I had a great time working with these young ladies !! They are truly gems, each in their own right.
The little girl in the white dress was the Princess in waiting , lol !  She was little too young for the Princess Program but she wanted to participate.  Which of course boosted her confidence! Her dress was made from New Look for Kids 6738 ( which has been discontinued).
The dresses were worn at a Cotillion dinner held in their honor.