Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never leave your hubby alone with your PC.

OMG!! I sat down to view my blog & check out some friends. When I went to my favorites - which links me directly to my blog, guess what???? A blank blogger page came up with his name as a blogger. At first I panicked , I thought all was lost. After a phone call & a big apology I calmed down enough to figure out what happened.

Some people wanna be "Like Mike". lol

I think he better stick to dropping me off at the fabric stores. Tonight he is going to get a one on one lesson in blogging.

Feeling calm now. :-))))

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I can find a fabric store anywhere!

We are on vacation, went to the movies, shopped around and then......I looked across the road & what did I see JOANN'S FABRICS. My kids sighed and my hubby pulled over. Now I have been in Joann's many times but this was Joann's SUPER STORE. The cutting table had a "take a number system", so you can continue to shop while waiting for someone to cut your fabric. This way you are not just waiting in line. This store was twice or three times the size of the Joann's where I usually shop. Although I could have stayed longer, I did find a few things on sale & picked up a pattern I was trying to find.

The truth be told , I could have stayed longer. LOL

Oh, the store is Exton,PA

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crocheted Hat

I crocheted a hat this weekend also. I found a free crochet pattern online. It took me a few hours to complete it. I am also in the middle of crocheting a baby sweater. I will take pics soon. I enjoy crocheting because I can carry it with me where ever I go. Also, if the project is small - it gives me instant gradification.

A skirt for the Princess

I made a skirt for the Princess this weekend. I finally made a skirt with a enclosed zipper. Yahhoo! No more exposed zippers. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I normally lay the zipper in the seam - sew it in place & then use the seam ripper to expose the zipper. The pattern I used was Mc Calls # 5523. I believe this will be a TNT pattern.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pics from Meet-up shopping trip

"The Princess" doing what comes natural "SHOPPING"

Famous for Strawberry Cheese cake!

Oh, me & "The Princess" went to Junior's for their famous Strawberry Cheese Cake.

NYC Sewing Meet-Up

I had a ball!!! First of all , it was nice to be in the city & the weather was great! The ladies in the Meet-up group were very nice. We met at a coffee shop for some sewing/crocheting chit chat and there was a pattern & notion swap. There were a few Burda magazines & some trim (that I got from my stash).

Then it was off to the stores. Of course, I purchased some fabric. I also found Burda patterns for 2.00. What a bargain! I found a store that had applique lace by the yard. I was short on time so I only visited 2 stores but I am sure I will be going back. There are so many fabric & trim stores.

Oh, I didn't mention that my dd aka "The Princess" went with me. She was interested in fabric for her sweet sixteen celebration that is coming up this year.
I am putting the pics in the next blog (only because when I upload them the always go to the top of the blog & never were I what them to land). lol
**Hint - Hint , If someone knows how to make the pics upload under the paragraph (please help me)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On my way!!

I am going to my first sewing meet-up today. A trip to the NYC garment district. Looking forward to meeting new sewing friends & doing a little shopping. I am going to try to stay close to my budget.
I am looking for clergy vestment material & a some bridal lace.

Oh, look at the clock ......gotta go. I have a 45 min drive!