Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never leave your hubby alone with your PC.

OMG!! I sat down to view my blog & check out some friends. When I went to my favorites - which links me directly to my blog, guess what???? A blank blogger page came up with his name as a blogger. At first I panicked , I thought all was lost. After a phone call & a big apology I calmed down enough to figure out what happened.

Some people wanna be "Like Mike". lol

I think he better stick to dropping me off at the fabric stores. Tonight he is going to get a one on one lesson in blogging.

Feeling calm now. :-))))


Sheila said...

I had a similar problem and immediately put an end to it, by giving dh my laptop and purchased a new one.

aisha said...

I could only imagine what happened and see my husband doing something similar on my blog. Glad you got it back together.

Tanya said...

I used McCalls 4261 for the sports bra, your DD could be the next Jackie Joyner with custom made track wear, I'm sure she would appreciate it.