Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sewing Expo in Worcester MA

I must begin by saying I had a ball!! I took 4 classes.
1- Notion Commotion -the instructor showed the lastest in notions. Of course, they were all available from the vendors.
2- Serger 911- the instructor spoke about a few things that could go wrong with your serger like burrs ( which is a nick in the lower looper. She told about a inexpensive way to repair them.
3- Marketing - she spoke about how to market your crafts/patterns ,she also had good information concerning trademarks

Lastly, I took a 3hr embroidery class entitled "In the hoop" this was a John Deer embroidery project . Amazingly enough the entire project is made in the hoop of the embroidery machine. We were supposed to complete 3 items but we only completed 2, a wallet, and a card case. We got to take home the materials & instruction for the 3rd project which is a cellphone case.

I was amazed at the fact that the insertion of the zipper for the wallet was done "in the hoop". The only time we took anything off the embroidery hoop was when the project was finished . When we removed the project from the hoop all that needed to be done was to fold it inside out.

I will post pics of the items I purchased soon.
Sulky had a great deal on stabilizers(the Notion Comm, teacher said that Sulky is getting new packaging so they are selling old packaging at a nice discount.
Brought 1 pattern, notions and embroidery programs.

Oh, hubby came to showroom on the last day, he spent most of his time studying for an accounting test.

They raffled of 2 or 3 top of the line sewing machines each day.

Did I win one, NO, but a 12 year old who was sitting right next to me did win.
Maybe next year.


Sheila said...

Glad you had a fantastic time. All the classes you attended sound very interesting and look forward to your fo.

Aminat said...

Glad to hear you had fun, you must enjoy every bit of the class I am sure. Welcome back , and please share the projects you made with us. I can't wait to seeing them.
Take care

JC said...

Hey there. Sounds like you had a fun learning experience. I am looking forward to the Sewing Expo when it comes to our area--October I believe. It will be my first one. Take care!