Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pillows for local Army Reserve Unit

I found these pillow panels at Walmart. I made 20 pillows for a local Amry reserve unit here in Long Island. The were donated to the family support group that have soilders that are away from home. I would love to make more - I keep checking Wal-mart to see if the got it back in, unfortunately many of the local Wal-marts here in NY have stopped selling fabric :-{{{{{


Aminat said...

Keep up the great job....they are all beautiful

JC said...

Hello. The one in Riverhead (Suffolk county) still sells fabric. When I visited my nephew in mid-December, I rode with his maternal grandparents and was tempted to load up myself! The ones down here are still selling fabric, however, I was told over the summer that they'd would phase out in 18 months--which means around the Fall 2010. It every Walmart nationwide and beyond. They are abolishing ALL SEWING DEPARTMENTS--which is a shame to me.