Thursday, July 9, 2009

Huge picture

OMG! I was trying to add a new pic to the header to my blog. Does anyone know how I can decrease the size of this pic. I tried to remove it but my computer seems to have frozen. I am going to log out and try to return a decrease the pic size before anyone sees it. lol


Faye Lewis said...

Oooops I saw it (lol). Sorry I don't know how to help though.

Sheila said...

If I can remember you may need to resize the original picture. If you have a photobucket account you can upload the picture there and it gives you the option to resize.

To remove the picture from your Blog header - go into Blogger - select Layout and you should see Header - click on Edit and it will take you to Configure Header - In there you can remove the image until you resize the picture. Hope that helps.

JC said...

Hello! I had the SAME frustrating thing happen to me a few weeks ago when I was trying to change my header (before I finally got the one that I had). Seems like each time I wanted to use a picture, it kept showing up HUGE. And like you, everytime I tried to delete it, it seems to put my computer on lock down to where I could not.

Finally, after messing with it on & off for about 2 hours (which I wasn't very happy wasting time), I was able to remove it and find a template that fit to my (partial) satisfaction (the one I have now). The reason why I say partial is because I would prefer if it were a little smaller than it is now.

I'll review it this w'end--and get back with you. I even resized (reduced) my pics that I initially wanted to use--none of that helped.

JC said...

Hi Sharon. I was a little under the weather this weekend, but it looks like you figured it out. Let me know how you were able to get rid of the large pic--in case I run into it again. I love your blog. The format and colors are very nice. I also like your updated profie picture. Very pretty.

Are you still a member of the NYC meet up group?