Saturday, November 15, 2008

So much to do , So little time

I haven't been bloging for a while now. I have just been viewing other sewing blogs. Oh, but I have been shopping. My daughter has been helping me to restrain but the sales have been great. I have a lot on my plate, with 3 teenagers and a 21 year old. It is generally thought that the older your children are the less they need you. DON"T believe that. When they are young they my dum mistakes but when they are older they can make LIFE CHANGING MISTAKES. So we as parents need to watch more closely. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for prayer.
I definitely have to depend on the Lord to help me.

I am also in school, I got a "A" on my midterm paper . :-))))
My middle son is in the process of graduating from High school - he is on the football team and can think of nothing else but football.
The other 2 are faring well in school & the other normal stuff.
(Boyfriends, girlfriends, what shall I wear?, What's the latest this that & the other, what they want for christmas) All the stuff teens do.

My husband.....oh enough said
The dog......

I need a break, time to re foucus myself

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